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About Lalique Museum Hakone

Rene Lalique, a jewelry designer and glass maker/craftworker was
a forerunner of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era.
Depicting his life, “Lalique Museum Hakone” is a place where you will
feel the richness of the spirit, blending with nature and art.
The garden is surrounded by the seasonally blooming trees and
flowers that Lalique loved.
Feeling gentle breeze from the creek, enjoy the exquisite holiday at
Lalique Museum Hakone.

Lalique Museum Guide

Opening Hours
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
(Last admission to the museum: until 4:30pm)
Business Days
Open throughout the year (temporally closed during exhibition preparation period)
Parking Area
1st Parking Lot (Maximum 100 space)
JPY300- per day
2nd Parking Lot (Maximum 100 space) Free
186-1 Sengokuhara, Hakonemachi,
Ashigara Shimo-gun, Kanagawa250-0631, Japan
Admission Fee Regular
Adult ¥1,500
High-school and college students, seniors over 65 ¥1,300
Junior-High and elementary school students ¥800
※A group discounts applies for a party of
15 or more.
No admission fee is required to go to garden, café restaurant and shops.
MUSEUM MUSEUM Gracious exhibition space where you will be able to see the Lalique collections.
Café Restaurant LYS Overlooking the beautiful scenery from the restaurant, savor the delicious casual Hakone-style French cuisine.
SHOP PASSAGE Find from over 35,000 items collected from home and abroad that will make your life fascinating.
Oriental Express LE TRAIN A luxurious teatime at the gorgeous salon of the Oriental Express which Lalique decorated its interiors.


By Odakyu
Romancecar / train / bus
From “Hakone Yumoto Station” of Hakone Tozan Train, take Hakone Tozan Bus “Kojiri/Togen-dai route” and get off at “Sengoku Annai-jo Mae” (approximately 30 minutes)
From Shinkansen bullet train/JR “Odawara Station”, take Hakone Tozan Bus “Kojiri/Togen-dai route” and get off at “Sengoku Annai-jo Mae” (approximately 45 minutes)
Take Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus from “Shinjyuku Station” and get off at “Hakone Sengoku Annnai-jo” (approximately 120 minutes)
Take Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus Haneda Route from “Haneda Airport”→”Yokohama Station”→”Gotenba Station”→get off at “Hakone Sengoku Annai-jo” (approximately 150-165 minutes from “Haneda Airport”
By Car
Take Tomei Expressway and get off at Gotenba exit, approximately 20 minutes to Sengoku-bara thru Otome-Touge
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Exhibition Halls

Permanent Collection Exhibition Room
From jewelries with combined boldness and sensitivity, countless genres of glassworks, to historic interior decorations and interior designs of the Oriental Express, Lalique Museum Hakone displays approximately 230 items of the selected collections from more than 1,500 collections. (Replacing the exhibits as necessary.)

At the entrance, you will be greeted by an ornament panel “flower bouquet”. Wrapped by soft light, it will take you into the sparkling world of Larique.
Display the masterpieces of numerous collections of Larique who reached the very top at the end of 19th century and became a forerunner of the modern jewelries.
Perfume Bottles
Perfume Bottles
With the perfume bottles, Larique became glass craftsman from jewelry designer. You will be able to see Larique’s starting point as a glass craftsman at this section.
Indoor Fountain
Indoor Fountain
Larique’s house in Paris was decorated with glass ornaments. You will be able to experience the gorgeous atmosphere of the indoor fountain in the dining room.
Select Corner
Select Corner
Introduce the carefully selected items from our collections theme by theme.
Flower Vase
Flower Vase
Lalique considered “flower vases” as aesthetic “objet”. Here, you will be able to see numerous flower vases that reflect the eras.

Room of Belle Epoque
[1st Floor of the museum]
Room of Belle Epoque
During the late 19th century where Larique was active as a jewelry designer, the era was called “Belle Epoque (good old days)” in France. Here, we have relocated and reconstructed a room of Larique’s residence in Paris at that time.
Salon de Sara
[1st floor of the museum]
Salon de Sara
A room dedicated to the legendary actress in the late 19th century, Sarah Bernhardt. Mesmerized by the beauty of Larique’s work, Sarah asked Larique to produce numerous ornaments/accessories for her. From this salon, you will be able to see “Water Lily Pond” and the stunning view of Daigatake.
Project Exhibition Room
[2nd floor of the museum]
Project Exhibition Room
Organize various project exhibitions on different themes/subjects, several times a year.
Special Exhibition LE TRAIN
[In the restaurant area]
Special Exhibition LE TRAIN
Exhibit a train car of the Orient Express which Larique undertook the interiors. Larique decorated the interior using over 150 glass panels. Enjoy the teatime in this train car where you will be able to recall the glamorous days back then.